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Neotectonics in San Diego, California: Paleoseismology, slip rate, and offshore structure of the Rose Canyon Fault
Carrier dynamics and optical properties of the multilayered aluminum-doped zinc oxide metamaterial
Heuristics about African Americans as unique predictors of context-level implicit racial bias
Ethnic diversity and implicit black-weapon associations over time: A repeated cross-sectional analysis
Dynamic modeling of pulse-like earthquakes and ground motions
Kinematics-based simulation of hybrid robots on challenging terrain
High precision measurement of the Atlas binary system masses
Characteristics of parent-child engagement in Spanish-and English-speaking dyads
A replication study of interpersonal justice, stereotype of deceit, and fairness perceptions on bias towards supervisors
Quantitative analysis of built environment microbial communities
Exploring the global virome and deciphering the role of phages in cystic fibrosis
Quantitative magnetization transfer to monitor age related effects in skeletal muscle
Bidirectional effects among poly-victimization, internalizing, and interpersonal problems among at-risk adolescents
Engineering novel selectivity into metalloantibodies and targeting PerV
Pathways from maternal childhood abuse to child emotional and behavioral problems: The roles of maternal depressive symptoms and mother-child aggression
Using electron-transfer induced proton transfer to control binding strength in H-bond dimers
Gr ̈obner fans of 3-generator numerical semigroups
Drug education for the next generation: What is effective to resolve illicit substance use by adolescents?
Characterizing the effects of vascular and genetic risk on brainstem white matter tract microstructure in older adults with mild cognitive impairment
Queer-spectrum student experiences and resources in undergraduate mathematics