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Real Time Implementation of Audio Spectrogram on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
Asynchronous device discovery and rendezvous protocol for D2D communication in ad-hoc networks
Reconfigurable architectures for efficient implementation of IIR filters
Novel Multiband Annular Ring Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Antennas in MIMO Implementation for Wireless Routers
Conductive inkjet printed ultra-wideband (UWB) planar monopole antenna on low-cost flexible Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) substrate material
An Archimedean spiral antenna with dielectric loading providing directional radiation patterns using a novel shape 3D printed ground structure
Modified PIFA antennas with single and dual bands for MIMO implementations on cylindrical ground plane
A novel approach to beam steering using arrays composed of multiple unique radiating modes
Linear Voltage and Current Mode Control for the DC-DC Buck Converter
High frequency chip-package material characterization
Design and Development of Multiband Antennas for Portable Devices with MIMO Implementation
Analyzing a novel mobile-to-mobile social networking communication paradigm
Self-interference cancelling in full-duplex transceivers
Evaluation Of Channelizer Architectures For Space Applications
A study of low density parity-check codes using systematic repeat-accumulate codes
Real-time performance measurements for an FM ad hoc broadcast scheme
Initial Cell Site Synchronization in LTE System
A queuing mechanism for H.264 video in MANET
Efficient implementation of analysis synthesis channelizer structure
Investigations on wideband microstrip bandpass filters using defected ground structures (DGS)