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Kinetic study of silver nanoparticle synthesis
Kinetics of the decomposition and aggregation of silver nanoparticles induced by halide ions
Manipulation of capillary electrophoresis separation parameters for analysis of red blood cells and proteins
Means for visualization of dinoflagellate associated gamma
Mechanistic study of hydrogen bonding and proton coupled electron transfer in two separate redox systems, each containing a phenylenediamine derivative
Mechanistic study of the production of silver nanoparticles
Metabolomics to elucidate interactions between the gut microbiome and alcohol use disorder
Method Development for Analysis of Creatinine in Whole Urine Samples by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectroscopy
Method development for analysis of testosterone/epitestosterone in human samples using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Mn-porohyrin containing metal organic frameworks : synthesis, characterization and catalysis
Negative ion chemical ionization GC-MS method development for detection of biogenically important polyamines in human cadaver decomposition
New Chemical Methods for Masking Phosphates and Phosphonates for Drug Delivery Purposes
New fluorescent tricyclic cytosine derivatives and prodrug chemistry
Nonlinear Laser Wave-Mixing Detection for Capillary Electrophoresis and Multi-Channel Arrays for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Nonlinear laser wave-mixing detection methods for chem/bio agents and multiple sclerosis biomarkers using microarrays and microfluidics
Novel metal complexes of bifunctional imidazolyl-substituted N-heterocyclic carbenes and catalytic applications
Novel sulfide catalysts for solar fuel production
Optimization of a designed protein-protein interface
Part 1. progress towards an improved total synthesis of azaspirene, a powerful angiogenesis inhibitor Part 2. copper catalyzed conjugate silyl additions to enones
Photochemical study of silver nanoparticles formed from the reduction of silver ions by humic acid