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Characteristics of Emerging Infectious Diseases in the United States from 1942-2002 and Effects of Urbanization as a Driving Factor of Disease Emergence
Association of Number of Children in a Household on the Nutritional Intake of Latino Women
Effect of secondary treatment at the South Bay Ocean Outfall (SBOO) on ocean water quality near the US-Mexico Border
Racial Disparities In Advance Directive Completion Among Home Health And Hospice Patients In The 2007 National Home Health And Hospice Care Survey
Dating Violence Victimization and Associated Risk Behaviors of 9th through 12th Grade High School Students
Oral Health Service Utilization Of Migrant And Seasonal Farm Workers In Michigan
Factors Associated with Influenza Vaccination of Seniors in San Diego County During a Vaccine Shortage
Perturbation of Autophagy by Lysosomotropic Drugs
The Potential Of Televisions In The Bedroom Increasing A Child'S Risk For Obesity Through Decreased Sleep Times
Particulate matter concentrations at children and adult breathing heights in residential thirdhand smoke environments
An assessment of mobile food facilities handler knowledge
Screening Organic Contaminants in the Desert Tortoise in the Mojave
Barriers to oral health care among Mexican migrant women and their families in North San Diego County
Marketing Practices of Low-Income Neighborhood Food Stores in San Diego County
Influence of the Demographic Factors and Clinical Variation on the Low-Density Lipoprotein Level among Low Income Patients with Cardiovascular Conditions in San Diego County
Head of Household Characteristics Influencing Insecticide Treated Net Use in Ghana
The effect of the El Niño Southern Oscillation on levels of fecal indicator bacteria at the Imperial Beach, CA shoreline
Investigating traffic-related pollutant concentrations during a physical activity intervention in various neighborhoods throughout the county of San Diego
A cross-sectional study of alcoholism: Is there an association with bullying in school-age adolescent
Measurement of thirdhand smoke in a casino: Surface nicotine wipes pre and post smoking ban