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Development of a photovoltaic system simulation framework: A techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic system installations for industrial facilities in Southern California
The production and characterization of selectively foamed aluminum via induction heating
Preliminary investigations of novel inhomogeneous- homogeneous aluminum hybrid composites
Discontinuous galerkin-based particle-source-in-cell solver for 1-D compressible particle-laden flows
Automated porosity detection in powder-based additive manufactured parts using machine learning and machine vision
Predicting vehicle trajectories at intersections using advanced machine learning techniques
Fabrication and characterization of additively manufactured composite multiferroics
An experimental investigation of the Prandtl-D research gliders aerodynamic characteristics
Extracting Lagrangian coherent structures from experimental flow fields
Solar still desalination of seawater with Fresnel lens
Resilient operational planning of electricity grids with renewable resources under the risk of wildfire
Design of interference-free multipath proactive routing scheme
Evaluation of the pseudo one-dimensional approximation for premixed stagnation flames through two-dimensional computations and experiments
Predicting critical near-crashes at signalized intersections
Enabling low tidal volume and high respiratory rate therapy through low-cost mechanical ventilation
Flow reduction inside a power turbine using jet control on a nozzle blade with end-walls
Artifact removal from electroencephalogram signals using dictionary learning
Characteristics and bounds of spline interpolation using forward distance
Dynamic aircraft hazard area generation utilizing a learning-based optimization model to support launch and reentry operations
Design and evaluation of a novel reference-only predicted video quality metric