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Bifunctional agent for MRI, PET and fluorescence imaging and study of nanoparticles formed from water oxidation catalysts
Metal complexes with bifunctional imidazolyl phosphines for catalytic organic transformations : applications in homogeneous and polymer supported alkene isomerization , and hydrogen deuterium exchange and polymer supported alkene isomerization , and hydro
First X-ray crystal structure of an insect muscle myosin
Biophysical and biochemical effects of mono-ubiquitination on engineered proteins
Design and Synthesis of Macrocyclic Peptides with Anti-Cancer Potency
Structure and biochemistry of IKappaB Zeta : A nuclear IKappaB protein
The role of oligomerization in human IKK2 activation as revealed by structural and diophysical studies
Synthesis and characterization of porphyrin containing metal-organic frameworks
Synthesis and evaluation of macrocycles as potential antitumor agents
Design and synthesis of bioactive macrocyclic natural products
The development and characterization of N-heterocyclic carbene based catalysts
Design, synthesis, and mechanistic studies of Sansalvamide A derivatives as anti-cancer agents
A novel bifunctional catalyst for alkene isomerization: Development, scope and limitations, and applications in organic transformations
Assessing a potential correlation between protein stability and function of the HMG domain of lymphoid enhancer binding factor-1
Sensitive standoff nonlinear spectroscopic studies of gas- and condensed-phase molecules in ambient conditions for environmental and security applications
Novel mixed organoboranes for the reductive alkylation of p-benzoquinone
Development of bifunctional phosphines, metal complexes and catalysts for various organic transformations