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Adapting in rural Paraguay: Drought, authoritarianism, and social-ecological poverty traps
"Please read and respond": Strategies for community engagement in museums in San Diego and their implications for the Nate Harrison project
The regenerative resistance: Warrior womxn talk embodiment at the intersections of self-care and social justice
Itsmolinalsentlalotl nauatl: Lessons learned from a language maintenance and development effort in Guerrero, Mexico
From marco to micro: Applying histology to individuals from Rio Viejo, Oaxaca, Mexico as an investigation into age and season of death
The iconography and sociocultural significance of guajiro variety cabrito cream-polychrome pottery at Buenavista Del Cayo, western Belize
Decolonizing Chinigchinich: Religious landscapes of Southern California
Farmers in an urban desert: San Diego County farmers' identity construction amidst a shifting regulatory environment and water scarcity
Reintroducing Javan gibbons (Hylobates moloch): an assessment of behavioral preparedness
Status and the "Lower" class: a bio-cultural examination of the non-elite classic Maya suburb community of Guerra, Buenavista del Cayo, in the western Belize Valley
Historical and archaeological patterns of water use in San Diego County: a case study of the Whaley House cistern/well
Buem agricultural strategies and crop choices as adaptability practices
Archaeology of Death in the Lower Rio Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico, During the Late and Terminal Formative Period (400BC-AD250)
Embracing diversity through language and cultural education: creating community access to museums
The ecology of food security, diet, and mental distress among economically vulnerable university students during COVID-19
Perceptions of ethnic studies among Filipinx Americans at SDSU
The paradoxical collection in the cabinets: Establishing a site chronology of sdsu-0897, 5MN191, from Paradox Valley, Coronado
Reconstruction of San Diegan food culture through nineteenth and twentieth century faunal remains, San Diego, California
Is it just plaid shirts and jeans? Masculinities embodied through semiotics in the bear identity in Palm Springs and San Diego, California
Eccentric caches of Buenavista Del Cayo: Contextual analysis and cosmological significance