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Itsmolinalsentlalotl nauatl: Lessons learned from a language maintenance and development effort in Guerrero, Mexico
Is it just plaid shirts and jeans? Masculinities embodied through semiotics in the bear identity in Palm Springs and San Diego, California
In Search of the American Dream: Undocumented Youth and the Journey North
Human impacts on California mussels from the holocene to the anthropocene: Methodologies and applications in historical ecology
Historical and archaeological patterns of water use in San Diego County: a case study of the Whaley House cistern/well
Health and nutrition of a coastal population during the Upper Berkeley to Augustine periods : analysis of human skeletal remains from San Mateo 4 (CA-SMa-4)
Health and life on Point Sal California : an osteological analysis of middle period Purisimeño Chumash
Guns, sundown towns, and the multi-ethnic Old West: Nathan Harrison and firearm ownership in late 19th and early 20th century San Diego County
From marco to micro: Applying histology to individuals from Rio Viejo, Oaxaca, Mexico as an investigation into age and season of death
Food, nostalgia, and home on the U.S./Mexico border: The palimpsest of memory in the creation of home and imagined futures
Farmers in an urban desert: San Diego County farmers' identity construction amidst a shifting regulatory environment and water scarcity
Emergent trends of San Diego Cultural Resource Management : alternative conceptions of past, present, and place
Embracing diversity through language and cultural education: creating community access to museums
Eccentric caches of Buenavista Del Cayo: Contextual analysis and cosmological significance
Early Archaeology on the Western Edge of Alta California: Malcolm Rogers' San Nicolas Island Collections
Decolonizing Chinigchinich: Religious landscapes of Southern California
Cultural Network Analysis of Spanish Colonial Settlement Patterns in San Diego, California
Contextualizing late holocene subsistence change on California's northern Channel Islands: A middle period case study from Santa Cruz Island
Coffee tourism in El Salvador: An alternative for a sustainable livelihood
Charlatans in Lab Coats: How Scientific Communication Can Unmask Pseudoscience