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Scaling soil erosion and sediment transport processes in a physically based model
Micro particle image velocimetry measurement in an electronically active microarray
Low temperature power generation using HFE-7000 in a Rankine cycle
Haar based orthogonal signals for ultra wide band pulse generation design and performance analyses
Global sensitivity analysis of parameters in Puck's failure theory for laminated composites
Influence of Coriolis force on DNA molecule migration and hybridization in compact disk (CD) microfluidics platforms
Comparison of solar energy technologies for continentally diverse synoptic weather domains
Investigations on cavity backed wideband microstrip patch antennas with enhanced performance for wireless communication applications
QoS provisioning for IEEE 802.16e standard
Performance analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 for body area networks
Microwave sinter-forging of zirconia ceramics
Advances in W-Cu: New powder systems
Microwave sinter forging of ceramic metal powders
Computation of a normal shock wave propagating through a particle cloud of varying shape
The influence of ethanol on the adsorption capacity and desorption rate of BTEX compounds on soil
Comparative study of microwave and conventional sintering of glass metal composites
3-Dimensional compact disc (CD) microfluidic platform
Design of pre-truncated fixed width unsigned parallel array multiplier
Fabrication and characterization of 3-D all polymer flexible solar cell
A cross layer optimization for power management in wireless ad hoc networks