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Characterization of impedance properties of a conductive electrospun polymer biopotential electrode with porous fiber arrays
Characterization of mechanical properties of soft tissues using sub-microscale tensile testing
Characterization of surface morphology of thin-film platinum and glassy carbon microelectrodes
Collection and Analysis of Wind Data for the Evaluation of Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Dynamics Simulator
Combined Textured Rolling - Current Activated Combustion Synthesis of Ni/Ti Interfaces
Comparative study of microwave and conventional sintering of glass metal composites
Comparison of measured and numerically modeled wind in the Rancho Bernardo Trails community
Comparison of mechanical and piezoelectric power extraction from a speed bump
Comparison of solar energy technologies for continentally diverse synoptic weather domains
Component matching for ultra-low grade thermal energy recovery operating in Organic Rankine Cycle
Computation Of Radiative Fields In Opposed-Flow Flame Spread In A Microgravity Environment
Computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel validation of a vertical axis wind turbine with deforming flaps
Computational model describing electrode kinetics of metal vs carbon microelectrodes
Computational modeling of flow and combustion in a Couette channel simulating microgravity
Computational modeling of radiative, thermal, and kinetic regimes of flame spread
Corrosion of glassy carbon neural electrodes under electrical stimulation and chemical exposure
Cost effective way of 3D printing metal-ceramic composites with fused deposition
Coupled fluid flow and radiation modeling of a small particle solar receiver
Current Activated Tip Sintering Of Ni-Ti Intermetallics
Current activated melt Infiltration of copper nano-composite