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Twenty-First Century Forms of Social Resistance
Nuns, Witches, and Testators: Women's Agency and Spiritual Capital in New Spain
Soil Composition and Function as Insight for Understanding Native Grassland Success
A special relationship: Measuring the perceptions of journalists and public relations practitioners' working relationship
Use of Ultra-High Resolution Imagery in the Estimation of Wildfire Fuel Load Across Chaparral Vegetation
Radiocarbon Measurements of Root and Soil Respired CO_ in an Old-Growth Coniferous Forest for Estimates of Residence Time and Flux Partitioning
Collection and Analysis of Wind Data for the Evaluation of Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Dynamics Simulator
Passive Macromodeling Methodology For High Speed Interconnects
Investigating The Use Of Microsoft Kinect 3D Imaging For Robotic Person Following
Integration of Wave and Wind Energy Off the California Coast
The Interpersonal is Political: Contesting and Negotiating Patriarchy Within the Chaldean Community
Effects of Cognitive Effort on Episodic Memory in Older Adults
Simple Tools to Convert Spatial Database Tables to ESRI Shapefiles
Head of Household Characteristics Influencing Insecticide Treated Net Use in Ghana
The Effects of Age & Apolipoprotein-E Genotype on Learning, Memory, and Metamemory for Odors
Who We Are: How Sub-Cultural Capital Intensifies Communication Conflict Between Whovians, Nuvians, and Fandom-at-large
Recognizing Deportation as a Manifestation of Violence: Liminality and Intended Circular Migration of Repatriated Mexican Migrants
CogenPro - migration from Java desktop application to web application
How Employees Perceive the Organizational Identity of the U.S. Coast Guard
Powder processing of hybrid titanium neural electrodes