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A comparative examination of eliciting acts in American and Turkish MBA seminars and lectures
A content analysis of black thinspiration on social media sites
A corpus study of ethnic slurs and derogatory language across Reddit and YouTube with Sentiment considered
A corpus-driven, keyword-centered approach to lexical bundles in grade comments
A critical analysis of the private language argument
A critique of the au pair scheme in Norway: In light of neoliberalism
A dangerous neutrality: Ronald Reagan, Argentina, and the South Atlantic crisis
A dollar for your life: The dehumanization of labor in capitalism
A feminist epistemological critique of comparative cognition research
A feminist re-reading of U.S. media depictions of women murderers
A gendered perspective of the actions of formerly enslaved men and women in the American South, 1860-1880
A genre-based analysis of the use of self-congratulatory words in the Journal of the American Chemical Society
A gift shop in Gilead: Kitsch, propaganda, patriarchy
A growing trend: Policy diffusion of medical marijuana laws in the American states
A histological analysis of a Late Formative Period population from Cerro de la Cruz in the lower Río Verde valley, Oaxaca, Mexico
A history of the British Museum's repatration debates of the Parthenon and Benin bronzes
A history of the women of Mexico and their agency: Goddesses, queens, translators, and nuns
A house we all live in
A humanitarian critique of Cuban economic sanctions
A hundred years of anthropological and historical legacies at the San Diego Museum of Man