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Iranian women's movement: A silent protest for more rights in a repressive context
Japan's population crisis : determining the effectiveness of Japanese population policy
Kings and clerics: A study on Persian ‘empire consciousness’ & lines of continuity in Iranian foreign policy
Knowing gun control: The relationship between opinion and knowledge in the American gun control debate
Language and nation: an analysis of Croatian linguistic nationalism
Lobbying Regulation and Transparency in OECD Countries
Mexican clientelism and social welfare
Neighborhood effects and societal cultures in San Diego communities
Newspaper coverage : how newspapers frame the fetus and its potential outcomes on women, abortion rights and legislation
Over the legal limit: How race influences DUI checkpoint location in Latino neighborhoods
Policy networks and democratic governance
Political ideology and revolutionary theory: case studies of Russia and Peru compared
Post Cold War Western policy : the ascendance of human rights, the new imperialism or the incoherent empire?
Rarray boys to savis men : the young toughs of Sierra Leone
San Diego's carbon footprint : measuring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions
Sensational and political headlines: An exploration of front-page headlines
Sex, love, and OnlyFans: How the gig economy is transforming online sex work
Sexual crimes and international law
Shifting perceptions of citizenship in the United Kingdom and France