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Bilingual cognitive and sentence processing
On the relations among linguistic subsystems in typically developing children and children with neurodevelopmental disorders
The role of oligomerization in human IKK2 activation as revealed by structural and diophysical studies
Power control and optimization of photovoltaic and wind energy conversion systems
The push for a singleton gestation following in vitro fertilization : balancing the risk of multiples with risk of cycle failure
Health communication and social media :a case study of the California Tobacco Control Program's "Toxic Butts" campaign
Constitutive modeling and simulation of spark plasma sintering with applications to fabrication of functionally structured mono-carbides
Synthesis and characterization of porphyrin containing metal-organic frameworks
Latino student's perceptions of the university campus climate : exploratory study of first generation students
Advancements in the elicitation, aggregation, and forecasting of probability distributions under time constraints
Perceived Discrimination, Substance Use and Mental Health : A Study of Latinos in six U.S. communities and the Town of Tunkás, Yucatán, México
Coxsackievirus persistence in the neonatal central nervous system: Investigating the interplay between the host response and viral persistence in neural stem and progenitor cells
Sphingolipid Metabolism : A Novel Link Between Obesity and Cardiomyopathy
The Role of Bilingualism on Neuropsychological Test Performance among Spanish Speakers Tested in Their Native Language
Coxsackievirus and Idiopathic Heart Failure : Differentiation, Dissemination, and Death
Emotional Attention Processing among HIV-Infected Persons with Co-occurring Bipolar Disorder
Cigarette smoking and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among persons who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
Explaining individual differences in treatment outcome for adults with substance dependence and major depression : mediators and moderators of change
Global governance and diplomacy solutions for counterfeit medicines
Anti-tobacco socialization and youth smoking initiation