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The associations of patient activation and self-management with diabetes clinical control in diverse primary care patients
Tying trophic ecology with chemical pollution in California coastal ecosystems
High order mimetic finite differences on non-trivial problems
Exploring chemistry graduate student identity development and the intersection of multiple sub-identities
Hungry hungry hippocampus: Effects of overweight/obesity and risk for obesity on hippocampal structure and functioning in children and adolescents
Exploring the relationship between teacher professional noticing and responsive teaching in experienced secondary science teachers
Functional analysis of RING and U-Box E3 ubiquitin ligases involved in stem cell regulation and regeneration in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
Sleep and neurobehavioral outcomes in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Mimetic coastal ocean modeling in general coordinates and using machine learning based predictions
Mechanistic studies of two tRNA modification enzymes and utilization in drug discovery
Exploring risk factors for non-adherence to screening mammography among women living with humanity immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV)
Conformational control: A strategy to increase kinase inhibitor selectivity
Drosophila as a model for myosin-induced dilated cardiomyopathy
Neotectonics in San Diego, California: Paleoseismology, slip rate, and offshore structure of the Rose Canyon Fault
Engineering novel selectivity into metalloantibodies and targeting PerV
Characterizing the effects of vascular and genetic risk on brainstem white matter tract microstructure in older adults with mild cognitive impairment
Queer-spectrum student experiences and resources in undergraduate mathematics
Roles for ATF-6-inducible genes in cardiac physiology and pathology
Determinants of predation success: A holistic examination of the predator-prey interactions between rattlesnakes and kangaroo rats
Patterns of felt and expressed positive affect in social anxiety: Concordance, discordance, and their correlates