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Associations between pretend play, executive functioning and theory of mind in bilingual and monolingual preschoolers
Evaluation of T7 coliphage susceptibility to disinfection after repeated exposure to heat and free chlorine
An analysis of plate waste after the implementation of reverse recess in a San Diego elementary school
Energy efficient data writing methods for low power networked wireless devices
Conspecific cues, not starvation, mediate habitat-specific responses of urchins to predation risk
Without voice, beyond silence: A trauma-informed program addressing the impact of domestic violence on Latinas and their young children
Security and accessibility of electronic health records using blockchain technology
Homage to the pot
The challenge: The intersection of participatory fandom, identity negotiation, and interactivity in reality television
The context for learning in Malaysian primary schools: Examining teacher beliefs, parent involvement, and barriers to implementing teaching beliefs
A computational pipeline for novel phage discovery in metagenomic samples
PyFBA: Simulating genome-scale metabolic models
Threat- and reward-related neural architecture of irritability development across early childhood
Proactive evaluation of safety for vulnerable road users at signalized intersections
Parenting behaviors and youth internalizing symptoms: Racial/ethnic differences among youth offspring of depressed parents
Carrier dynamics and optical properties of the multilayered aluminum-doped zinc oxide metamaterial
Finding place
Analysis of mediation effects of parenting strategies on child BMI
Heuristics about African Americans as unique predictors of context-level implicit racial bias
It's messy in the middle: A qualitative investigation exploring communicative reconciliation of feminist and Evangelical Christian identity