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Transcriptomic analysis of endocrine disruption in Californian sentinel fish species
Pattern recognition model for classification of partially methylated Alditol acetates' electron impact mass spectra
Automation of ChromaTOF and software development for non-targeted analysis of contaminants
User-customizable genome wide association study tool and “blind spots” in common sequencing platforms for M. tuberculosis
An untargeted exploration of the Boechera depauperata heat-shock metabolome
Genome assembly and annotation of Boechera depauperata
Mouse click analysis towards usability study of EMR to drive re-design for workflow optimization and improved patient outcomes
Binding site enumeration of antigen-antibody complexes by non-negative matrix factorization of symmetric cross-blocking matrices
Steady state analysis of gene regulatory networks
Isolation by resistance web service
Protein structure image extraction for gene wiki
Genome wide variation in cystic fibrosis
Structure-Based Analysis of Bacilli and Plasmid Dihydrofolate Reductase Evolution
Modeling of metabolism and gene expression under hypoxia in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Methods to Characterize Unknown Viral Genes Through Metabolomics
The minimalistic approach of plasmid genomes and identification of plasmid contigs from within bacterial assemblies
Comparative analysis of alternative splicing in arabidopsis thaliana and boechera depauperata
Data Mining Tool for Correlating Drug Resistance with Genomic Mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates
Understanding The Variability Of Pnca In Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Clinical Isolates By Means Of Variant Analysis, Phylogenetics, And Measuring Selective Pressure
A comparison of demons image registration algorithms to monitor longitudinal changes in knee cartilage: Data from the OsteoArthritis Initiative