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Multidirectional hybridization challenges the species boundaries in the genus Arbutus (Ericaceae) of North America
Hume and motivated reasoning
Irritability-related neural responses to peer evaluation in adolescence
Characterization of mechanical properties of soft tissues using sub-microscale tensile testing
Synthesis of resorufin nucleoside and photophysical studies of tricyclic cytidine analogues in oligonucleotides
Assessment of contamination associated with tobacco product waste within the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve
Time deception and supra-critical power exercise tolerance
Effects of dead space loading on exercise tolerance and locomotor fatigue
Impact damage characterization in composite aerospace structures using thermal signal reconstruction
Computation of asymptotic normalization constants for alpha-particle removal
Hot nuclear matter and the properties of (proto-) neutron stars
A smartphone-integrated, paper-microfluidic system for rapid and on-site screening of urinary tract infections
Computational prediction of putative direct target genes of Pou4 within the Ciona robusta genome
How meme propaganda outmaneuvers the American legal system and social media companies
A non-targeted analysis of aerobic and anaerobic membrane bioreactors for removing trace organic chemicals from municipal wastewater
Effect of new temperature regimes and pyrolysis protocols on the electrical and electrochemical properties of glassy carbon
Combining biomarkers to predict Alzheimer’s disease: Can cognitive reserve be used as a supplemental marker?
Locomotor fatigue dynamics during supra-critical power exercise in hypoxia
Effects of fleshy macroalgae on rhodolith (Lithothamnion australe) productivity and calcification in the face of climate change
Topic modeling and network visualizations to explore the interrelationship between global health disparities and biomedical technologies