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Rock 'n roll Shakespeare: the costume design process of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Micro-politics of quotidian: contemporary art from a sociological perspective
Camp it up!: Camp in the portrait photography of Daniela Rossell and Pierre et Gilles
Generating an online community to promote the short film Moustachette
Above the influence: Examining the impact of unintentional normative messages in fear appeal based anti-marijuana public service announcements
Perceived censorship and global knowledge: a comparative study of the U.S. and Iran
Teacher and student immediacy: interactive outcomes on students' learning
Visceral vicarious voyeurism: Boorstin's principle of the three eyes as applied to the short film rebirth
Visions of empire: the theory and uses of allegory in American art from the nineteenth century to the present
Measure your choices
Short term 12: creating an illusion of reality in film
A scenic view of a Midsummer Night's Dream: Process and collaboration in creating a rich and theatrical environment
The model as muse: an examination of museum exhibitions of fashion photography
Paradise Hotel: an exercise in technical production
"When God gives you AIDS...make lemon-AIDS": Ironic persona and perspective by incongruity in Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic
Scenes from a small business: interactions between professional care providers and their employer
Am I normal?: Negotiating social identity as sick or well in oncology interviews
What remains
Camp is magic: an ethnographic study of counselor performance at San Diego Girl Scout Camp
Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Francis Alÿs and the Situationist International