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Slingshots and giants : the David and Goliath narrative as discourse in American news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Using Coriolis force to facilitate molecular transportation and fluid mixing in CD microfluidics platform
Modeling of flame spread over thin fuels on downward configuration in the presence of forced convection
How feasible is interdisciplinary teacher collaboration in high schools? an in-depth comparison of Kyberpass at two school sites
A rich internet application for nozzle flow structure
287(g) policy and public safety: A matched comparison multi-linear regression analysis
Rarray boys to savis men : the young toughs of Sierra Leone
Experimental characterization and numerical modeling of thermal and electrochemistry effects in 3D bionanoelectronics platform
Virtual vs. reality : An examination of the nature of stalking and cyberstalking
Interests, principles or partisanship? : the politics of China's human rights in the U.S.
Physical Layer Comparative Study of WCDMA and LTE
Interference mitigation techniques for heterogeneous network
Simulation of physical layer impairments on communication system
Performance of reflector antennas by employing triple mode feedhorn and a frequency reconfigurable spiral loaded planar dipole antenna
Rooted/uprooted : identity in Chiapas Mayan and Mexican-American literature
Regional variation in cancer-directed surgical assessment of lymph nodes in early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer
The development of a pilot four-week program addressing challenging behaviors and language delay in preschool children from at-risk Latino families
Addressing the social and emotional needs of high risk Latino infants: A parenting curriculum for parents of Latino infants 0-12 months of age
Design of wireless EMG and its use in the classification of finger movements
Performance evaluation of prioritized H.264 video transmission over quality of service aware wireless ad hoc LAN