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Liminal learning: Understanding a complex adaptive human learning system through a secondary school internship experience
Linking exposure to stressors with cellular and endocrine biomarkers in southern California dolphins
Markers of mild traumatic brain injury: Integration of in vivo myelin imaging, neuropsychological measures of processing speed, and subjective post-concussive symptoms
Men of color at community college: Visualizing the impact of faculty validation
Microbes among marine giants: Microbial-macroalgal interactions in southern California kelp forests
Mixed Abstract
Modeling phage-bacteria dynamics in mucus: An agent based approach to phage therapy
New insights into the assembly mechanism of an rna polymerase III-specific transcription complex on a drosophila U6 snRNA gene promoter
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics, microbial bioenergetics, and community ecology
Palomino Vaquero
Peripheral inflammation, physical activity, and cognition in bipolar disorder
Photo Realism
Photonic transfer in DNA nano construct
Physical activity mearsurement in breast cancer survivors: Methodological issues, solutions, and applications
Plugged In
Scorpion Card
Secondary teachers' professional noticing of students' mathematical thinking
Social and economic determinants of sexual violence and related health outcomes