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Something Old, Something New, Something Swimming in the Blue: An Analysis of the Pinniped Family Desmatophocidae, its Phylogenetic Position and Swimming Mode
Grassland restoration techniques on San Clemente Island, California
The Better To Eat You With: The Comparative Feeding Morphology And Evolution Of Feeding Strategies In Phocid Seals (Pinnipedia, Phocidae)
Phenotypic MAPs : an alternative approach to measure functional diversity
The Role Of Fine-Scale Habitat Features On Nest Placement And Nest Fate Within California Least Tern (Sternula Antillarum Browni) Colonies
Molecular systematics, historical biogeography, and paedomorphic character evolution in the harvestman genus Calicina (Opiliones, Laniatores)
Contaminants and reproductive output in a sentinel seabird, the Black skimmer (Rynchops niger)
Bacteriophage interactions within the human mucosal immune system
Genetic and Phenotypic Divergence of the Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus) on the California Channel Islands
Conservation Genomics Indicates Multiple Evolutionary Units Within The Bell's Vireo (Vireo bellii)
Evaluating the monophyly and biogeography of Cryptantha (Boraginaceae)
Optimizing a multi-species monitoring design : a case study from an agroecosystem
Conservation Genetics of the Endangered San Diego Fairy Shrimp (Branchinecta sandiegonensis)
Inter-annual variability in the growth and life history of the Antarctic euphausiid Thysanoessa macrura
Feeding behavior, growth rate, and tissue accumulation of metals by the interface-feeding polychaete Polydora cornuta in the Tijuana Estuary
A cell based assay for the discovery of West Nile Virus protease inhibitors
Multilocus species delimitation and species tree inference within the Western Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) species complex
Testing species limits and inferring the species tree for the Sceloporus scalaris species group (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae)
Phylogeography and species limits of the Aspidoscelis hyperythra complex of Baja California, Mexico
Characterization of Intracellular Trafficking of Streptococcus agalactiae