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A comparison of procedures for testing noninferiority using proportion difference, odds ratio, and proportion ratio between two independent binomial samples
A comparison of the efficiency of an atomic component operation versus primitive operations for building a real-time collaborative editing API
A comparison of the pattern of herb and shrub growth in comparable sites in Chile and California
A computational method for classifying phages
A computational model of mucus
A computational pipeline for novel phage discovery in metagenomic samples
A computational study of wind turbine wake models and their application in wind farm layout optimization
A computerized proof of hypergeometric identities with Gosper and Zeilberger algorithms
A coordinated MAC protocol for wireless network
A criminal justice comparative: Post-9/11 anti-terrorism legislation within legal traditions
A critical examination and evaluation of the structure and stratigraphy in the downtown San Diego area, California
A data-driven study of random graphs & social networks intended for the department of mathematics and statistics
A description of the NTRU cryptosystem and its cryptanalysis via the LL algorithm
A desktop client interface for JIRA
A detrital heavy mineral provenance study of Upper Cretaceous fore-arc strata, northern Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
A dose comparison of the posterior fossa between photon radiation therapy and proton radiation therapy for medulloblastoma
A dyadic approach to examine the association between intimate partner violence and romantic relationship satisfaction
A dynamic database approach for e-commerce system using Wordpress
A dynamic story map for the Italian study abroad program
A feasible study of a probabilistic approach to analyzing cloud properties such as cloud fraction, liquid water path, and precipitable water vapor