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Girls in Discussions
Framing human trafficking : a comparative analysis of media representation in Great Britain and the United States
A Kosovar nation: Heroes, education, diaspora and the (re)imagining of Kosovar nationhood
The politics of revolution & counterrevolution : the assassination of Leon Trotsky & the political persecution of the Trotskyist movement
China and South Korea : examining the relationship between economic development and political stability
Shifting perceptions of citizenship in the United Kingdom and France
International intervention : explaining the international community's failure in Rwanda 1994 and success in East Timor 1999
The role of foreign intervention in revolutions
From carriers to careers: Can military service boost a woman's earning potential?
The politics of renewable energy: The case of local-level financial incentives
Foreign aid; disparate treatment in Latin America and Africa
Costa Rica: The image-making process
The unintended consequences of economic sanction
The Brazilian economy in transition: Explaining President Lula's response to neoliberal reform
Sexual crimes and international law
Language and nation: an analysis of Croatian linguistic nationalism
A look at contemporary labor issues, alternative community unions, and the prospective welfare system in Japan
Geopolitics, energy security, and cooperation in surprising places: The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum
Political ideology and revolutionary theory: case studies of Russia and Peru compared
Analogical reasoning and U.S. drug policy: a case study of the Mérida Initiative