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Two-phase PIV investigation of air-blasted sprays
Scalar filtered mass density function with higher-order (W)ENO schemes to model turbulent reactive flows
Computational modeling and investigation for external aerodynamic analysis of a high-performance sports vehicle
Calibration of bilinear softening cohesive law for modeling fiber compressive failure
A numerical investigation into robustness of progressive failure of composite laminates under pin bearing loads
Characterization of mode I and mode II interlaminar fracture energy for hybrid laminates including residual thermal strains
Modeling of in-plane crushed honeycomb cores with applications to rampdown sandwich structure closures
Numerical modeling of wind turbine aerodynamics
Free vibration analysis of composite plates based on the generalized unified formulation
Eulerian-Eulerian model of 1-D compressible particle-laden flow: running shock impinging on a cloud of particles
An interface for aeroelastic analysis of joined wing configurations including structural nonlinearities
Using machine learning to estimate the optimal time of flight for satellite rendezvous and proximity operations
The interaction of valve dysfunction and left ventricular assist device support on intraventricular flow dynamics
Supersonic tandem wedge flow in extreme ground effect
Global sensitivity analysis of parameters in Puck's failure theory for laminated composites
Computation of a normal shock wave propagating through a particle cloud of varying shape
An evaluation of Apollo powered descent guidance
An experimental investigation of blunt body unsteady aerodynamic force reduction
Microalgae rupture energy and ultrasound biomass processing
Transient and static comparison of high speed flow against open channel flow through the hydraulic analogy