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Identifying Typologies of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Based on Multiple Indicators of Sleep and Fatigue
Poverty and Place: Structural Determinants of Infectious Disease Risk in Mexico and Central America
Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency : tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
Teachers' understanding of algebraic generalization
Cardiac interstitial cell fate in embryonic and neonatal microenvironments
From policy to practice: Equity implementation in California community colleges
Distributed mode selection and cross-layer routing protocol for FDD nodes in mobile ad hoc networks
Participation and power in the gataifale: A comparative study of Samoan coastal marine comanagement
Structural architecture of the Western and Central Transverse Ranges, California, USA
Factors influencing the retention and graduation of Latino male students: Four-year Hispanic-serving institutions
Patterns of felt and expressed positive affect in social anxiety: Concordance, discordance, and their correlates
Struggling readers and dyslexic readers: A comparative study of student intervention files
The hierarchical structure, dynamics, and assembly of spider silk
The metabolic syndrome, neuropsychological process scores, and mild cognitive impairment in ethnic and racial minorities
Language and communication abilities in adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
The prevalence of extended learning time models in school improvement plans
Studies on bis protic N-heterocylic carbene pincer complexes and on water oxidation catalysts
Capillary electrophoresis for blood doping analysis: modification of the electroosmotic flow for the separation and detection of blood doping agents in human whole blood
High-speed particle-laden flows : Eulerian-Lagrangian methods, multi-scale modeling and numerical/physical instabilities
Characterizing the social and affective phenotype of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders