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Interface and impedance optimization of glassy carbon based ECoG neural probes
Interference mitigation techniques for heterogeneous network
Interpolated tree orthogonal multiplexing scheme for cognitive radio designs
Investigating ECoG signal acquisition and transmission in brain computer interface applications
Investigating UHF passive RFID using backscatter transmission scheme in a brain computer interface application
Investigating the feasibility of multiple UWB transmitters in brain computer interface (BCI) applications
Investigation of channelizer performance to synchronize uncoordinated future LTE uplink system
Investigation of perovskite solar cells with 3D micropillars
Investigation on compact antenna solutions for future 4G LTE wireless devices with MIMO implementation
Investigations and design of UHF (860-960MHz) band novel reader antenna and tag antenna mountable on metallic objects for universal RFID applications
Investigations and design of wideband dual linear polarized massive mimo panel array antenna for 5g communication applications
Iterative successive interference cancellation scheme to remove multi user interference due to carrier frequency offsets in OFDMA uplink
Long term response of glassy carbon neural electrodes under electrical stimulation
Matching algorithm and data mining process for mobile social networking devices
Medium Access Control Protocol for FM Transceivers in a Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Medium access control protocols for UHF-RFID transmitters for brain computer interface applications
Mobile cell search and synchronization in LTE
Mobile station cell search and synchronization in NB-OFDMA
Modeling cell signaling pathways using Bayesian Networks and related models
Next generation neural probe: On-chip strain sensing and magnetic resonance compatibility