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Cloud computing technologies overview and comparison -- "Microsoft Azure vs Amazon EC2"
Comparative study and analysis of social networking sites
Comparing mobile platforms
Computation of the distribution of word lengths for a regular language defined by a regular grammar
Computational aspects of the material point method with applications in computer graphics
Concurrent Programming Patterns For Scalable Network Platform Node.Js
Constant weight words compression in the context of the mceliece cryptosystem
Coordinated multi-robot security system using fuzzy logic decision making
Cross browser compatibility issues
Cross platform lightweight social networking application for next generation e-commerce
Customization for Mobile EBook Readers
DLOOP : a flash translation layer exploiting intra-plane copy-back operations
Deadlock detection and recovery in Linux
Decoding of the (31,15,8) and (41,20,10) quadratic residue codes beyond their error correcting capabilities
Deriving pseduocodewords from Bethe permanents
Design of LTE testbed to implement green cellular algorithm
Designing a better authentication model
Designing persuasive eco-feedback system to promote energy conservation behavior
Determining axes of symmetry for certain loci related to Kloosterman sums
Developing Google android mobile clients for web services