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Economic growth models
Effectiveness of countdown pedestrian systems in downtown San Diego
Ensemble learning methods for educational data mining applications
Finding a novel way for fast sequence alignment and exploiting information theory in bacterial genomes and complete phages
Forecasting MLB performance utilizing a Bayesian approach in order to optimize a fantasy baseball draft
From marco to micro: Applying histology to individuals from Rio Viejo, Oaxaca, Mexico as an investigation into age and season of death
Functional prediction of hypothetical/ unknown proteins using neural networks
Generalized varying-coefficient mixed models with missing data and surrogate information
Health and nutrition of a coastal population during the Upper Berkeley to Augustine periods : analysis of human skeletal remains from San Mateo 4 (CA-SMa-4)
Hilber-Huang transform applications to environmental datasets : snow cover and ice cover
Hybrid approach to predict resting CD4+ T-cell reservoirs of HIV-1: Viral dynamics modeling and machine learning framework
Implementation of directional antenna and a deafness avoidance scheme for CSMA/CA MAC protocol in the riverbed modeler
Implications of platelet activating factor in coral physiology
Inter-annual variability in the growth and life history of the Antarctic euphausiid Thysanoessa macrura
Investigation of SeqA as a transcription regulator of bacteriophages and host genes in Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli and the phages potential role in genome duplications
IterMatchApp, a web application for the IterMatch group matching algorithm
Large-scale inference incorporating covariates and network dependence, with application to genome-wide association studies
Learning based quantitative evaluation of community living index with Google street-view images
Learning to detect odontocete whistles from generative samples
Likelihood-based gap-filling of genome-scale metabolic models using K-MER distance evidence