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GeoAware application on Android
Geometric algorithm demonstration suite
Gradient based zone routing algorithm (GraZoR) for mobile ad hoc networks
Graduate advisor and faculty appointment system - SDSU
Gridcat: low-level perception based on Starcat
Hindi language keyboard with voice synthesis for iPhone (facebook and twitter integration)
Image edge detection using ant colony optimization algorithm
Impact of web search preference on web search result of search engines
Implementation of DTW algorithm for application security
Importance of metadata in data warehousing
Interactive world map : man made disasters
Keyboard mapping and font rendering techniques for non-Latin languages case of Android mobile phones
Keystroke dynamics for mobile devices -- data collection
Mobile PDF conversion application for the android platform
Mobile application for business card capture
Mobile friendly web app for CS department
Mobile media archive using significant tools for mobile assisted language learning
Natural language technique for web driven interface
Nimbo cloud computing
On modeling emergent neocortical complexity with complex adaptive systems