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Geometry and morphology of cracks in saprock: Implications for ground shaking
Holocene sandstone petrofacies in a transtensional rift system, Salton Basin, California: Implications for climatic-discrimination models
Identifying A Reference Frame For Calculating Mass Change During Weathering: A Case Study Utilizing The C# Program Assessing Element Immobility
La Posta series soils: A petrological, chemical, and statistical analysis of their development in arid and Mediterranean microclimates
Metamorphic and structural evolution of the Prospect Meta-granite, SE CA
Miocene volcanic rocks and conglomerates, SE California: Evidence for Neogene reactivation of the Chocolate Mountains anticlinorium
Modeling Plane Strain (MPS), An Interactive C# Program
Multivariate analysis of mass change in a middle jurassic contact metamorphic aureole: Implications for volume changes and modeling fluid to rock ratios
Petrographic, rare earth, trace, and major element analyses of chert-argillite unites in the Bullpen Lake sequence, Sierra Nevada, California
Petrography and geochemistry of basalts from the Bullpen Lake sequence, northern Sierra Nevada, California: A test of a working hypothesis
Petrologic and geochemical evidence for an Early- to Middle-Jurassic extensional magmatic arc, southeastern California
Petrologic aspects of sand-sized detritus derived from mylonitic plutonic rocks in different climatic zones of the Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Petrological and chemical characteristics of grus and sandy loam in a Mediterranean microclimate, Peninsular Ranges batholith, Southern California
Petrological and structural analysis of the Sierra City Melange, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
Petrology and provenance of sandstones in the Pleistocene Borrego Formation, Salton Basin, California
Petrology, chemistry, and provenance of the lower member of the Miocene Bear Canyon conglomerate, Picacho State Recreation Area, southeastern, California