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High order mimetic finite differences on non-trivial problems
Higher-order mimetic operators and quadratures to compute concentration profiles and mass-transport in carbon dioxide subsurface flow
Hilbert-Huang Transform applications and computational science development for the Spectral Optimal Gridding of Precipitation
I/O characteristics of smartphone applications and their implications for eMMC design
I/O stack optimization for non-volatile memory based storage systems
Image processing and analysis of cardiomyocyte contractility and quantification of Western Blots
Inferring undirected and casually directed graph graph structures from multivariate time series
Investigating Castillo-Grone's Mimetic Difference Operators in Development of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Models Implemented on GPGPUs
Large-scale inference incorporating covariates and network dependence, with application to genome-wide association studies
Learning based quantitative evaluation of community living index with Google street-view images
Mapping regulatory elements in the promoters of autophagy genes
Mathematical modeling of cystic fibrosis
Mimetic Finite Differences And Parallel Computing To Simulate Carbon Dioxide Subsurface Mass Transport
Mimetic coastal ocean modeling in general coordinates and using machine learning based predictions
Mimetic coastal ocean modeling in general coordinates and using machine learning based predictions.
Modeling phage-bacteria dynamics in mucus: An agent based approach to phage therapy
Modeling the effects of inertial forces on Bose-Einstein condensates in rotating frames of reference
Modeling transport of reactive chemical species (CO₂, H₂S, etc.) through porous media
Multiclass learning on graphs : diffuse interface models and beyond