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Boxers and converts: The significance of Chinese Christian converts to the Boxer Uprising of 1900
Brutal and sustainable force: Richard Nixon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and airpower in the Vietnam War, 1969
Building multiracial fortunes : Black identity, masculinity, and authenticity through the body of T. Thomas Fortune, 1883-1907
CCS 548 / HIST 548 Race and Ethnicity in United States History
CCS 548 / HIST 548 Race and Ethnicity in United States History
Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC
Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC (data file)
Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC (screenshots)
California's frontier: America's Pacific expansion and the rise of an economic empire
Cambodian Americans : a study in struggle
Captivation of a Nation
Captives and their monsters : U.S. media use of captivity narratives in the construction of the imagined Muslim monster
Chords of discord : songs of dissonance, violence, and faith in the Civil Rights Movement
Cicero's Role in the Fall of the Roman Republic
Communist political struggle in Hue: Buddhist, student, and intellectual dissidence during the Vietnam War (1954-1966)
Conflicting words : rhetoric of the Manchurian crisis
Constructing identity: Reorganizing the bethleham female seminary
Consumption on the frontier: an analysis of business ledgers and early San Diego's economy
Cops & criminals : representations of masculinity in 1970s crime television
Craft beer in San Diego : social consumption and a new urban identity