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An efficient multicast routing protocol using mesh in IEEE 802.15.5 networks
An efficient network architecture for mobile social networking devices
An unequal error protection scheme for HEVC encoded video streams over wireless fading channels using RCPC codes
Analysis of OFDM MIMO
Analyzing a novel mobile-to-mobile social networking communication paradigm
Analyzing and improving the QoE of an airborne wi-fi network
Ancillary services of plug-in electric vehicle for frequency and voltage profile support
Application of basis function in source separation
Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor for Wireless Communication Applications
Architectural design space exploration of reciprocal and square root for arbitrary precision fixed-point and floating-point arithmetic
Artifact removal from electroencephalogram signals using dictionary learning
Asymmetric modulation of H.264/AVC compressed video using unequal error protection
Asynchronous device discovery and rendezvous protocol for D2D communication in ad-hoc networks
Auction based resource allocation in WiMAX
Automated image registration of airborne images for near real time change detection
Automated near real-time image registration
Bidirectional algorithm for fundamental frequency estimation
Body area network for studying lumbar spine kinematics
Building an energy-efficient network for wildlife observation