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Experiences of child maltreatment and their effects on the development of externalizing behavior problems among youth
Explaining individual differences in treatment outcome for adults with substance dependence and major depression : mediators and moderators of change
Exploring risk factors for non-adherence to screening mammography among women living with humanity immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV)
Fear of falling, attitudes toward aging, and balance in older adults
Feasibility and Acceptability of Graded In-Vivo Exposure Therapy for Fibromyalgia Patients
From bottom-up to top-down : an fMRI study of language development
Functional and anatomical substrates of cognitive abilities in autism spectrum disorder
Health anxiety and cognitive processes as risks for insomnia in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer
Health-related quality of life and executive functioning among primary brain tumor patients: Associations and causal pathways
Heterogeneity in normal neurocognition: A latent profile analysis of the expanded Halstead-Reitan battery normative dataset
Heterogeneity of body image concerns and associations with disordered eating, muscle-building, and body dysmorphic disorder symptoms in sexual minority individuals
Heterogeneity of the language network in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A data-driven study of neurophenotypes
Hungry hungry hippocampus: Effects of overweight/obesity and risk for obesity on hippocampal structure and functioning in children and adolescents
Identifying Typologies of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Based on Multiple Indicators of Sleep and Fatigue
Identifying typologies of breast cancer patients based on multiple individual and contextual factors for timely treatment initiation
Impact of individual, environmental, and policy level factors on healthcare utilization among United States farmworkers
Implicit socioemotional modulation of working memory brain activity in schizophrenia
Influence of alcohol on cognitive functioning and neural functional connectivity in adolescents
Interactive effect of the serotonin transporter (5-HTTLPR) genotype and life stress predicting bipolar symptomatology
Intermittent exercise in response to nicotine cravings in the context of an internet-based smoking cessation program