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"Have a drink, you'll feel better." Predictors of daily alcohol consumption among extraverts: The mediational role of coping
The effect of harmful family dynamics on continuous dating violence
Age-related changes in the detection of spatial and stimulus novelty
Predicting preschool outcomes through assessment of the home literacy environment and maternal responsiveness
Intercultural effectiveness and personality as predictors of performance in multicultural workers
Stereotyping based on within category cues: the effect of afrocentric features and vocal femininity on judgments of competence and warmth
Digital manipulation warning labels as a protective measure against negative body image
The impact of situational cues on women's self-perceptions in stereotyped situations
Examining differences in work life balance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and learning goal orientation in Baby Boomers and Generation Xers
A longitudinal study of proactivity during socialization
Language, acculturation, and neuropsychological test performance in Japanese Americans
Social information processing patterns in mediating the relation between maltreatment experiences and internalizing symptoms in young children
Ambivalent relationships in the workplace
Functional connectivity of sensory systems in autism spectrum disorders: An fcMRI study of audio-visual processing
Internet-based smoking cessation : a study on the efficacy of smokefade.com
An fMRI study of spatial working memory in children with prenatal alcohol exposure: Contribution of familial history of alcohol use disorders
Effectiveness of an attentional control training on decreasing intrusive thoughts
Behavioral indices of cognitive processing in children
The effects of stress and apolipoprotein [lower case epsilon]4 on odor memory and learning in young and older adults
Mediating effects of exercise behavior and coping style on health status