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The development of strategies for teaching selected creative activities to elementary students in group piano lessons
The digipolitical animal: Investigating the memetic diffusion of political messages on Twitter
The digital citizen’s pursuit of information during crises
The dynamics of pain communication: Upgrading and downgrading painful descriptions during cancer care
The effect of consumer-based brand equity on the evaluation of online political news media credibility
The effects of computer-mediated communication on friendship development and relationship maintenance behaviors
The end of an E.R.A: counter-narrative inherency and the STOP ERA Countermovement
The fear within: Early scientific film and its influence on the horror genre
The full circle of communicating holistic healing: Social support through a breast cancer journey
The future of redevelopment affordable housing
The implementation of innovative production strategies to produce a network broadcast television program on a small budget
The influence of interpersonal patterns of forgiveness on relational resilience
The influence of perception and identification on the social support available to undocumented individuals
The institute in search of immersive integrated gaming study
The intersectionality perspective and mass incarceration
The language of war
The last puzzle piece: Completing a S.L.O.A.T.
The model as muse: an examination of museum exhibitions of fashion photography
The multiplicity of identification and agency in Asian rhetoric: The analysis of the U.S. Congress speeches of Asian female political leaders through feminine rhetorical style
The past, the will, & a brick: the makings of an essay-film abroad