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Acculturation levels and its association with fruit and vegetable consumption among Latinas
Acculturation and its association with physical activity among Latinas in San Diego, California
A study of the immunization rates in California childcare facilities in 2014-2015
A study of risk factors associated with inflammatory bowel disease
A socio-ecological analysis of the relationship between eating pathology and food insecurity
A risk assessment for ingestion of toxic chemicals in fish from Imperial Beach, California
A retrospective study and comparative analysis of predictive factors associated with clinical trial accrual patterns: Moores Cancer Center 2007-2011
A retrospective analysis of drunk drivers in Riverside and Imperial Counties
A qualitative study to better understand Asian American women's cancer screening decisions
A non-targeted analysis of organic contaminants in dietary fish oil supplements in the U.S.
A non-targeted analysis of aerobic and anaerobic membrane bioreactors for removing trace organic chemicals from municipal wastewater
A multi-level evaluation of the relationship between displays, availability, and perceived selection of fruits and vegetables in food stores
A look at whether housing status impacts the likelihood of San Diego injection drug users to seek treatment for heroin addiction
A human health risk assessment of mercury in fish from the San Diego River
A feedback intervention to improve clinical outcomes in an urban-dwelling, immigrant population with co-existing chronic conditions
A descriptive study of school wellness policy quality and implementation, and associations with school district characteristics in San Diego County
A cross-sectional study of alcoholism: Is there an association with bullying in school-age adolescent
A cross-sectional analysis of the factors of violation of Maine's legislation prohibiting smoking in vehicles containing children
A cross-sectional analysis of metabolic syndrome in San Diego firefighters: San Diego Sports Medicine Center 2005-2013
A cross-sectional analysis of exposure to poly-drug use and IPV among MSM in San Diego, CA enrolled in the STAHR-II