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Parental involvement in mental health services for diverse youth
Viral metagenomics in host-associated systems
Cognitive performance of pregnant and postpartum women with and without major depression
Genetic engineering of cardiac progenitor cells for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and heart failure
Impact of individual, environmental, and policy level factors on healthcare utilization among United States farmworkers
Automatic sensory discrimination impairment in prodromal and recent-onset schizophrenia
Spatial and temporal patterns of carbon exchange in the Alaskan Arctic Tundra ecosystem
Functional and structural investigation of Drosophila UNC-45, a chaperone for myosin
Identifying the mechanisms of Activated Transcription Factor 6 - mediated cardioprotection
Outcomes of a multilevel walking intervention for older adults living in retirement communities
The role of E2A in hematopoietic development: establishment of a multipotent progenitor cell line to identify genetic and epigenetic regulatory programs in hematopoiesis
Effects of proactive telephone counseling on cessation rates of smokers with major depression
Effects of long-term elevated atmospheric CO₂ on a subarctic Nardus stricta grassland in Iceland: Lessons from a natural CO₂ spring
Two genes encoding thick filament proteins of drosophila melanogaster: Cloning and expression
Growth rate regulation and control of initiation of DNA replication in E̲s̲c̲h̲e̲r̲i̲c̲h̲i̲a̲ c̲o̲l̲i̲
The genetic structure of chinook and coho salmon populations in California, with a note on the genetic variability in sturgeon (Acipenseridae)
Thermodynamic properties of representative electrolytes at high temperatures
Interference, growth and physiological response]e of downy brome (Bromus tectorum) and medusahead (Taeniatherum asperum)
Determination of infinite-dilution activity coefficients in methanol, water, and their mixtures, by combined gas and liquid chromatographic techniques; exposition of retentions in column liquid chromatography
Syntheses of perfluoroalkyl-substituted steroids