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Empirical identification and longitudinal characterization of mild cognitive impairment subtypes using latent mixture modeling
Exploring the ways emergent bilingual students’ engagement in mathematical practices is supported through the teacher-curriculum interaction
From bismuth nitrogen molecules to silver nanoparticles: A bottom-up approach to materials chemistry and applications
Health-related quality of life and executive functioning among primary brain tumor patients: Associations and causal pathways
Receipt and predictors of psychosocial services following distress screening among cancer patients
Exploring risk factors for non-adherence to screening mammography among women living with humanity immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV)
Conformational control: A strategy to increase kinase inhibitor selectivity
Drosophila as a model for myosin-induced dilated cardiomyopathy
Neotectonics in San Diego, California: Paleoseismology, slip rate, and offshore structure of the Rose Canyon Fault
Engineering novel selectivity into metalloantibodies and targeting PerV
Characterizing the effects of vascular and genetic risk on brainstem white matter tract microstructure in older adults with mild cognitive impairment
Queer-spectrum student experiences and resources in undergraduate mathematics
Roles for ATF-6-inducible genes in cardiac physiology and pathology
Determinants of predation success: A holistic examination of the predator-prey interactions between rattlesnakes and kangaroo rats
Patterns of felt and expressed positive affect in social anxiety: Concordance, discordance, and their correlates
The hierarchical structure, dynamics, and assembly of spider silk
The metabolic syndrome, neuropsychological process scores, and mild cognitive impairment in ethnic and racial minorities
Language and communication abilities in adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Inferring undirected and casually directed graph graph structures from multivariate time series
Enhancing myocardial repair with cardioclusters