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THEA 470 Facility Operations and Management for the Theatre
THEA 476 Event Coordination in the Entertainment Industry
THEA 532 Mask and Clowning
THEA 540 Scene Design II
THEA 546 Computer Assisted Drafting
THEA 547 Lighting Design II
THEA 548 Sound Design and Production for the Theatre
THEA 550 Software Design
THEA 554A Costume Design and Technology I
THEA 555B Movement for the Theatre II
THEA 600 Writing About Theatre
THEA 620A Seminar: History of Musical Theatre
THEA 627 Musical Theatre Studio
THEA 643 Entertainment Rigging, Section 2
WMNST 101 Self, Identity, and Society, Section 2
WMNST 102 Women: Images and Ideas, Section 2
WMNST 336 Women of Color in the U.S.
WMNST 341A Women in American History, Section 1
WMNST 352 Women in Literature, Sections 1 and 2
WMNST 370 Women, Law, and Policy