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The metabolic syndrome, neuropsychological process scores, and mild cognitive impairment in ethnic and racial minorities
The microscopic and macroscopic response of biological soil crust to fire
The music of mathematics : toward a new problem typology
The profile of prospective memory impairment in Parkinson's disease and implications for everyday functionin
The relationship between cerebral blood flow and neuropsychological outcomes in veterans with history of mild traumatic brain injury
The retrieval deficit memory profile in Huntington's Disease: Reexamining old heuristics and exploring new ones
The role of E2A in hematopoietic development: establishment of a multipotent progenitor cell line to identify genetic and epigenetic regulatory programs in hematopoiesis
The role of SoxB1 gene in the regeneration and function of sensory neurons in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
The role of control in bilingual verbal fluency: Evidence from aging and Alzheimer's disease
The role of iron in potential algal-bacterial mutualism as related to harmful algae blooms
The role of oligomerization in human IKK2 activation as revealed by structural and diophysical studies
The role of siderophores in dissimilatory iron reduction in arctic tundra soils
The roles of protein disulfide-isomerase associated 6 and alpha-B crystallin in chaperone-mediated cardioprotection
The structure and function of interoceptive brain regions in adolescent substance users
Theory of Mind and Risk Behavior in Individuals with HIV and Methamphetamine Dependence
Therapeutic alliance and outcomes in usual care child psychotherapy
Thermodynamic properties of representative electrolytes at high temperatures
Total synthesis of lagunamide A via remote vinylogous mukaiyama aldol reactions, chemical studies toward the total synthesis of micromide and preliminary studies toward the total synthesis of azaspirene
Total synthesis of marine natural products: Micromide, its analogs, and lagunamide A
Transforming precalculus to calculus 2: A longitudinal study of social and structural change in a university mathematics department