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The relationship between recognition memory and neuropathology in Alzheimer's disease
The role of age in the relationships between substance use and risky sexual behavior among HIV-positive young men who have sex with men in Thailand
The role of cognitive appraisal in the relationship between perceived racial discrimination and psychological distress among Latinos
The role of social recognition feedback in developing science identities and reducing belonging concerns for retention in stem
The role of the insular cortex in chemosensory responses to ethanol
The social pressure to appear busy: A construct validation study
Threat- and reward-related neural architecture of irritability development across early childhood
Tightness-looseness of social norms predict implicit associations between being white and the American identity
Translation Equivalents and Early Executive Function in Simultaneous Bilinguals
Under pressure: Can supervisors help reduce negative outcomes of workplace telepressure?
Up, down, over, under: Toddlers' ability to extract a familiar path from a multi-path event
Using latent profile analysis and latent class analysis to link COVID-related mitigation behaviors and mental health
Verbal and nonverbal sequencing in children with specific language impairment
Which differences make a difference? Comparing diversity metrics and their relationship to outcomes in virtual teams
White matter integrity and executive dysfunction in children with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure : a diffusion tensor imaging study
Who, when, and where? : Age-related differences on a novel
Why can't people just chill? Factors that encourage and discourage psychological detachment
Why so busy? Development of a measure assessing interpretations of coworkers' busyness expressions