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Examining the relationship between faculty's system justifying and fixed mindset beliefs
The neural correlates of attention, executive function, working and episodic memory in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
Parent-youth treatment goal agreement is an important consideration in mental health services, as disagreement could disrupt treatment. Previous research indicates similar experiences between parents and their youths could lead to greater parent-youth agr
The effects of prenatal nicotine and THC exposure via e-cigarette on working memory in a rat model
Relationship between stigma and barriers, online mental health tools, and suicidality in California’s veteran populations
The latent structure of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System for autism spectrum
A comparative study of the personality patterns of older and younger sisters
An exploratory investigation of the use of a motion picture test in predicting scholastic achievement
Irritability-related neural responses to peer evaluation in adolescence
Alterations in cognitive and affective domains in men and women with a history of alcohol use disorder: An exploratory factors analysis
A study of the verbal and performance intelligence of slow learning Mexican-American and American children
Outcomes of lecture and discussion procedures in college teaching
Some educational and psychological correlates of authoritarianism
Stimulus generalization and the law of Prägnanz
Fathering identity and roles: Associations with parenting stress, discipline, and children’s behavior problems
Combining biomarkers to predict Alzheimer’s disease: Can cognitive reserve be used as a supplemental marker?
Effects of intrinsic and extrinsic distraction on acceptance of message
Sex differences in front white matter microstructure as function of binge drinking in young adults
Moderate ethanol and n-6/n-3 diet interactions on lipid profile and liver function in mice
Do androids dream of unemployment? Examining moderators of the association between perceived AI threat and job insecurity