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A collection of short stories: Two roads
Acidic hydrolysis of some steroid esters
Polarization forces in resonant charge transfer theory
A determination of the peak to total ratio for a Ge(Li) detector
A stability analysis of a nonlinear system
UBV photometry of the eclipsing variable W Corvi
The effects of adsorbed gases on the electrical resistance of titanium metal films
The synthesis and cleavage of the germanium-germanium bond in digermane
Occupation: Female collection of poetry
Areal geology of the southeast portion, Chanchelulla Peak quadrangle, California
Single differential cross section of zirconium hydride
Dynamic programming applied to chemical engineering design
The break
Computer simplification of Boolean functions
An experimental study with closed-circuit television in the industrial arts department of Mar Vista High School
An experimental investigation of low conductivity contact heat transfer coefficients
Markov chains and manufacturing processes
The benzo(1,2:3,4:5,6)tricyclobutene problem
The photolysis of acetone in the presence of HBr: A study of some primary photochemical processes of acetone
The determination of heliocentric orbital elements