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Division algorithms for binary computers
Enclosed existence
The small house and other poems
The programmed universe
Wind over the moon
Gustav Freytag and anti-Semitism
An investigation of bridgehead-substituted oxabicycloalkanes
International threat and the cohesiveness of political systems: A cross-national study
Studies in digermane decomposition
Distortions in the light curve of the eclipsing binary RS Canum Venaticorum
A discussion of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
A synthetic study of the cyclohept[e]indene ring system
Apologies: Poems
Simulation of sampled-data control systems
Descriptive geometry instructional aids
The empty bag
The Sancho Panza figure in American literature
Disilane formation by direct photolysis of silane
Chlorodisilanes, preparation and Si-H stretching frequencies
An analysis of the physical properties of the planet Venus