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The effect of gender and social class on work values: Mediated by person and thing orientation
The effect of harmful family dynamics on continuous dating violence
The effect of interference on temporal order memory in Parkinson's disease
The effect of perceived faculty support in freshman year on first-generation college students' belonging and persistence in science
The effect of threat-induced anxiety on neural and behavioral mechanisms of attentional bias to threat
The effectiveness of an intervention derived from the Fear Avoidance Model for fibromyalgia patients
The effects of acceptance and commitment therapy on cognitive fusion and psychological well-being among disressed newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
The effects of choline on stress regulation in rats exposed to alcohol during development
The effects of combined prenatal alcohol and cannabis vapor exposure on spatial learning
The effects of combined prenatal nicotine and THC e-cigarette exposure on motor coordination
The effects of depression and attention on the health status of fibromyalgia patients
The effects of known falsehoods on implicit perceptions of hypothetical candidates
The effects of parental attitudes and behaviors on children's language production and conceptual development
The effects of perinatal choline supplementation on cholinergic system development in rats exposed to alcohol during the brain growth spurt
The effects of prenatal nicotine and THC exposure via e-cigarette on working memory in a rat model
The effects of social support and social power on attitude strength
The effects of stress and apolipoprotein [lower case epsilon]4 on odor memory and learning in young and older adults
The effects of trauma, coping, and depression on pain: A moderated mediation model
The functional implications of motor, cognitive, psychiatric, and social problem-solving states in Huntington's disease
The impact of advertising used cars as "smoke-free" on their resale value in different markets in the U.S. and Canada