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Greenhouse gas emissions due to vehicle delays at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossings
The association between neighborhood environment and neighborhood satisfaction: moderating effects of demographics
Examining factors related to compliance in a behavioral health intervention targeting early adolescents and their parents|
How perceived barriers to voluntary counseling & testing impact actual HIV testing among injection drug users in Kazakhstan
Spatial distribution of traffic related air pollutants in the community of San Ysidro
Lead levels in exfoliated teeth of children from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, India
Individual, family, and environmental factors related to park use intent and fast food consumption among Latino adults and their children in San Diego
An assay of tumor control, toxicity and sequelae as a means of evaluating a hypofractionated SBRT treatment protocol for early stage prostate carcinoma: A Phase I trial
The association between weight cycling and low bone density among women in NHANES 3
Factors associated with method of syringe acquisition among injection drug users in San Diego
Characteristics associated with child compliance to accelerometer measurement
Milk and beverage consumption patterns among preteens in an intervention aimed at increasing calcium intake
A risk assessment for ingestion of toxic chemicals in fish from Imperial Beach, California
Assessment of firestorm-associated emergency department visits in San Diego County using the BioSense application
Effects of meal size and feeding frequency on selected postprandial blood and urine variables in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Detection of surface nicotine using commercially available wipes in indoor environments
Obstetric violence in Mexican public hospitals based on 2016 nationwide survey
Biomarkers of kidney and liver toxicity in male Sprague-Dawley rats following fourteen day oral exposure to methyl tertiary-butyl ether
The effects of paternal involvement on the quality of parenting among Mexican American adolescent mothers
Seasonal trends and spatial patterns of biological oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen in the United States Tijuana River Watershed