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Social justice in restorative justice practices trainings in California K-12 public schools
A comparative study of preview practices and preferences of California audio-visual directors and educational film producers and distributors
A comparative study of the relative readability of original and simplified stories for retarded junior high school pupils
A follow-up study of selected graduates of the San Diego senior high schools
A personality study of the most-accepted and the least-accepted members of a ninth-grade class
A survey and follow-up study concerning the female portion of graduates and drop-outs in the 1947 graduating class of Sweetwater Union High School
A follow-up study of selected San Diego high school graduates, 1946 and 1948
A survey of high school clubs in San Diego City and County
An ethnographic study of language impaired preschoolers using a naturalistic instrument
A follow-up study of selected drop-outs from the E.R. Snyder Continuation High School
Behavior modification in the elementary class
Children's concepts of place value in arithmetic
Bilingual oral reading miscues of Hispanic learning disabled and non-learning disabled fourth, fifth and sixth grade students: Implications for transition into English reading
Children's concepts of common fractions in arithmetic
A study of the value of using self-instructive flash cards in the teaching of second grade arithmetic
Locating the decimal point in the division of decimal fractions
Picture this: Black girl multilingual magic
The meaning of career patterns in the adult development of women in graduate school
The effect of unfamiliar settings on problem solving
Hidden messages: Student perceptions of teacher expectation communication