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Stereotyping based on within category cues: the effect of afrocentric features and vocal femininity on judgments of competence and warmth
Stimulus generalization and the law of Prägnanz
Structural Neural Correlates of Metabolic Syndrome
System justification beliefs moderate attitudes about gender imbalance in mathematics
Technological demands and work fatigue: Moderating effects of personality
Temporal order memory dysfunction in Huntington's diseases
Testing The Invariance Of Adolescent Survey-Based Alcohol-Related Behaviors Across Race/Ethnicity And Gender
Testing The Invariance Of Adult Survey-Based Sex-Related Behaviors Across Gender, Ethnicity/Race, And Generation
The Decision to Reciprocate OCB: An Examination of the Influence of Individual, Relationship, and Help Characteristics
The Effects of Age & Apolipoprotein-E Genotype on Learning, Memory, and Metamemory for Odors
The Interplay of Politician and Perceiver Race on Support for Race-Based Public Policy
The Role Of Culture In Concepts Underlying Approach And Avoidance Motivation In Multiple Domains
The Role of Transformational Leadership Consensus and Innovation Climate Strength in predicting employee attitudes
The association between body dissatisfaction and sexual compulsivity among sexual minority men
The behavioral effects of choline supplementation on a rodent model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
The default mode network in autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A comparative study
The defensive projection of gender stereotypes : threats to gender identity and the link to prejudice
The development of language and literacy skills in preschool narratives
The effect of a novel label on path recognition within an event
The effect of gender and ApoE status on functional connectivity of olfactory memory regions